How to make text inline with images in Contentful rich text fields

You're struggling to come up with a straightforward way to add different UI layouts to the Contentful rich text editor. Traditional CMS options offer this flexibility out of the box, but Contentful doesn't.

I see this question come up quite a bit

Who needs layouts like these? Almost everyone. On almost every website made with Contentful. Whether it's featuring products, displaying headshots next to bios, or anywhere else that you want text inline with images, this is a very common UI layout.

So when you're building a website page and don't have this option out of the box, you might wonder if more complex UI layouts are even possible to do. And if they're not, do you need to find something else? Go back to the start and try another CMS...again?

Good news: making layouts like this in Contentful is actually way easier and simpler than it seems.

The other good news? Figuring out this problem will help you learn how to go even further and create components to reflect other page designs you need and want. This understanding will help you immensely as you grow your site with Contentful.

Learn to create mixed UI layouts like a pro with our free guide.