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How to Link to a Media Asset in the Contentful Media Library

It's not so clear to understand how to create a link to a Contentful media asset.

Begin by adding an asset to the Contentful Media Library by clicking this button in the top right corner from the 🖼️ Media tab:

Add Contentful Asset

Once the asset is uploaded, click the download asset icon:

Download Contentful Asset

The asset will open in a new tab. From there, you can copy the URL and distribute it as you like.

What if there was a process you could follow to make Contentful successful for your team specifically?

It's called the Waterfall method.

Teams I've worked with that follow this process were far more likely to set up a successful Contentful project than those who didn't.

Why? Because the process uses your current challenges to inform a vision their entire team can work towards, and make Contentful the tool to pull it all together.

Grab our free guide below on the step-by-step process successful Contentful users follow.

You'll also get sample questions to ask your content editors as you develop requirements with them.


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